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Here's why Marijuana Is 100X Less Toxic than Alcohol, Safer than Tobacco

You may or may not have noticed, but these days, marijuana – both the knowledge and usage of it – is quickly becoming more mainstream in comparison to what it once was. And it’s surely creating some buzz when comparing the substance of marijuana to alcohol. For years, marijuana has bore the stigma of a “gateway drug.” Claims on the substance’s value have been widely debated with those that feel as though marijuana is more toxic than alcohol. But is that ultimately true?

Which Is Safer: Alcohol Or Marijuana?

The review, named "Relative danger appraisal of liquor, tobacco, pot, and other illegal medications utilizing the edge of openness approach," was distributed in Logical Reports in January. While different investigations only tried to discover a causational connection between the variables, the MOE (Edge of Openness) approach takes into account a more clear judgment of how hazardous these substances can be. 

Scientists Dirk Lachenmeier and Jurgen Rehm examined hazards that were related with 10 person "mind changing" substances. With this methodology (in view of creature examines), they had the option to work out the proportion between an ordinary human admission portion, and a portion where the substance becomes perilous (also called a toxicological edge). The higher the MOE, the more prominent the danger of mortality. 

The outcomes were completely amazing. With liquor utilization positioning the most elevated, it was trailed by nicotine, cocaine, and heroin on the high danger end of the positioned substances. However, THC (the dynamic compound found in maryjane), was the main substance from their test that positioned on the contrary range as the most reduced dangerous substance. What's more, with cannabis in the most minimal recognize, this makes it more than 100 times less poisonous than liquor. 

Lachenmeier and Rehm made certain to remember for their review that our time and endeavors ought to be spent zeroing in on dealing with the dangers of high-hazard substances like liquor and tobacco, rather than illicit medications like maryjane. Their review proposes that substances with low dangers like pot ought to be drawn closer with guideline rather than preclusion, as it would be best and effective


Have we all been underestimating the high risks that can be associated with alcohol? And have the naysayers of marijuana been ignoring or misunderstanding how toxic the substance of marijuana really isn’t?

While many may believe that both substances hold their own toxic properties, when it comes to the odds of immediate death by chemical toxicity, marijuana is about a hundred times safer than alcohol.

So how do you feel knowing that alcohol and marijuana fall on complete opposite ends of the spectrum in relation to risks and mortality?





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