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If the Government can dictate to any citizen what to put into their bodies we all need to worry

Assuming it takes South Africa until the end of January to impose a vaccine mandate for public spaces, you have a week left to get a first dose of Pfizer and qualify as fully vaccinated ~ NEWS24


Have to love the way media houses spin a story and become the voice of the governments, especially this government who over the few years crippled this nation and has no remorse for its actions and dares to tell its people, vaccinate or else. People its going down open your eyes and ears. I say it again, not everyone's body reacts the same to medication, we all different. You can't trust a government with your health and life if they can't be trusted with your money, remember Life Esidimeni and Marikana News 24 is definitely captured. How much are you getting paid, do you not read the comments. Every day the same thing over and over you will be the cause of an uprising I see a civil war brewingI'm walking away from all this covid drama if God is for me who can be against me, the only variant that's tormenting lives is these liars and deceitful money making breeders, we are conquerors and don't keep pushing because you will lose by a mighty nation.You pushing the hand of God and you going to fall hard. All hell shall break loose I see Ramaphosa was talking about it more than the omicron in his last speech, he was pushing his vaccine mandate because his bosses were on his case. Is this how they want to have control over people, nothing should enter anyone's body if they don't want to. My body, my rules mind your business, i will do the same. We have one of the best Constitutions in the world but it still needs to be protected from tyranny and state control, together the vaccinated and unvaccinated should stand together for freedom of choiceIt's not about to vax or not to vax, it's about freedom of choice and expression no to vax passports, no to vax mandates they are coming after our rights and freedoms. If government can dictate to any citizen what to put into their bodies, we all need to worry. This might not be an important right for you to give up at the moment but I promise you, more rights will be stripped away from all of us, if we do not stand together and protect our constitution

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