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DiSchem's choice to welcome vaccination being mandatory at its premises applauded.

Since the President of South African's last address where he spoke about the 4th wave and the Omicron virus amongst us ,he addressed that vaccination should be made a priority as vaccine saves lives.Dischem being a pharmaceutical entity didn't waste time in addressing this with its employees.A tweep took to tweeter asking tweeps to boycott Dischem because as an employee he received this letter and he was not willing to vaccinate.The President did mention that it will be impossible for an individual to enter certain places without a vaccine certificate and each and every establishment has the right to ask for a vaccine certificate.

Some agreed that Dischem should be boycotted and some applaud dischem for taking that step to save lives. We cannot expect Dischem to not take initiative in this call by the President when they are actually a Pharmacy themselves and also offers jabs of the vaccine .

Let's fight this together and one day we will look back and still have our lives and economy in a better place.

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