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Opinion: Is SASSA still owing you ? Don't worry check this out

People were worried about the money due to them by SASSA wondering if they will ever get paid for those months, while there are still those who applied between April and May, who haven't received a single cent from SASSA. The money was meant to help us and keep us going in this difficult time.

Yesterday Mr Ramaphosa announced that the SDR funds will be extended with at least three months, that means it will run up until the end of January 2021, while he was still addressing us about the grant extension, we had questions, like "How is that possible while they are still owing us two months?" So after ours I received mine it was 23:50 at night.

With that saying, I'm positive that we will all get the money due to us as it was promised before, people should just try to be patient and check their pad day dates from SASSA. Also we hoping that those who haven't received a single cent ever since, will now be attended and also those who got paid only two months or one will be extended too.

Just a reminder, Corona virus is real, still exists and it kills. People are urged to wear their face musks and also avoid crowded areas to avoid infection and to stay safe. Remember to wash your hands with soap, or use a hand sanitizer to stay safe.

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