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Muthi you wont regret drinking before going to bed (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

When people miss a lot on their sleep they tend to go for pills that causes harm to their health on a later stage. What you need to know is that there are natural herbs you can use to regain back your sleep. Number one is marijuana leafs.

People who have tried this muthi will tell you that after drinking this your late night sleep gets better than ever before. It only takes one cup to wake up with a happy smile. The herb helps your body to relax the same way smokers do. Falling asleep becomes easy and fast.

Second one is Moringa this muthi is well known in Limpopo. It is good when it comes to helping the body with nutrition. When you are suffering from malnutrition this herb is a way to go. Children who aren't eating well should be given this herb to help them consume enough food daily.

As for going to bed drink this herb two hours before taking a nap. Mix the two take one cup of marijuana followed by moringa.

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