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Stop Alcohol Abuse, Video of Drunk guy Causes a stir Online

It is no seceret that Mzansi is among the top countries in the world that consumes a lot of alcohol on an annual basis. Some people just do not know when to stop drinking, or keep track of their alcohol intake, and stop just when they see that they have had just enough and if they drink even more, they are going to be blacked out.

Alcohol abuse can lend a person into trouble, and sometimes into some uncomfortable situations that might mess up their lives and be captured on video and live with them for ever. A video has surfaced online of a guy that is so drunk and intoxicated that his dancing landed him into a puddle of water. A first when looking at the video you might think that the guy is just passed out and fell in the puddle, but then on the other hand you think that he might just be dead.

 When looking at the crowd around him you notice that people are not panicking, and when the video goes foward, that is when you see that the guy is just drunk and dancing. Now the video is circulating online and it is going to stick with him for the rest of his life.


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Alcohol Abuse Mzansi


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