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5 Powerful Leaves For Malaria, Typhoid

5 Effective Leaves for Typhoid and Malaria

In Nigeria, malaria and typhoid are two of the most frequent illnesses, and there are a number of medications and botanicals that may be used to treat them


Astringent leaf

People have historically used bitter leaf, which contains antimalarial qualities, to treat malaria.


The guava leaf

In addition to the antimalarial characteristics of guava leaf, the Yoruba people use it to make malaria herb (agbo), which they sell in the morning and evening and about which many individuals have testified to the efficacy.

Papoose fern

Antimalarial properties of Papaya leaves, or Pawpaw leaves, have been utilized for a long time, and the juice of Papaya leaves has been employed for this purpose.

Leaves from the Dogoyaro tree

There are several antimalarial qualities in dogoyaro (also known as neem leaf), and people have been utilizing the juice to treat malaria for a long time.

Lemon Grass.

People have testified to the effectiveness of Yoruba agbo, which is mostly created and sold as a herbal remedy for malaria and primarily made from lemon grass.

How to use these leaves to make a malaria herbal drink

Before placing them in a pot, I washed the leaves thoroughly

Cook for about 30 minutes or more, until the water turns a light brown color and is no longer clear.

Begin consuming the water by filling a cup with it.

The water can also be used to bathe.

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