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Covid-19 update: 2,273 new cases reported in SA

As of Monday, South Africa has detailed an combination of two,963,679 high-quality instances of Covid-19, with 2,273 new cases identified inside the past 24 hours. 

This expansion addresses a ten.7% idea rate. 

Most of latest cases these days are from Gauteng (eighty four%), accompanied Western Cape representing 5%. KwaZulu-Natal represented 3%; Mpumalanga and North West each represented 2% in my opinion; Free State and Limpopo every represented 1%. Eastern Cape and Northern Cape every represented underneath 1% of the prevailing new instances. 

According to the National Department of Health, a similarly 25 Covid-19 related passings were accounted for, sporting entire fatalities to 89,822 to this point, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), a division of the National Health Laboratory Service, has declared. 

19.434,381 tests have been led in each public and personal areas. 

There has been an increment of seventy nine health center affirmations inside the beyond 24 hours. 

#COVID19 UPDATE: A sum of 21,302 tests had been led within the last 24hrs, with 2,273 new instances, which addresses a ten.7% power charge. A further 25 #COVID19 associated passings were accounted for, carrying absolute fatalities to 89,822 so far. See extra here: https://t.Co/YG74RzR3kH p.C.Twitter.Com/I1c08llnaT—NICD (@nicd_sa) November 29, 2021 

Dutch take a look at 14 Omicron cases amongst South Africa travelers 

Dutch well being professionals said on Monday they've found one greater example of the brand new Omicron Covid-19 variant among vacationers showing up from South Africa, carrying the complete to fourteen. 

"With the help of sequencing, it has now been affirmed in 14 people that it is the Omicron version," Health Minister Hugo de Jonge stated in a letter to parliament. 

De Jonge had on Sunday pronounced 13 Omicron contaminations. They were amongst sixty one tourists who were affirmed with Covid, out of 624 explorers who confirmed up in Amsterdam on KLM departures from South Africa on Friday. 

Examination of the examples "proposes that individuals impacted can also have the infection in all chance shriveled in a few spots and regardless no longer in the course of the flight", De Jonge stated. 

Dutch specialists have asked the 61 folks that tried fine for Covid-19 to stay in isolation, and the full-size majority of them are in an inn near Schiphol Airport. 

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Mbalula removed himself from the purchase of the house, in a WhatsApp explanation to GroundUp thru Department of Transport consultant Esethu Hasane. 

"The clergyman doesn't have some thing to do with the referenced property. Any aim to get it in the past did not arise," Hasane said. "Thusly, the inquiries regarding this assets are high-quality placed for replies by the proprietors of the assets and need to be alluded to them. The priest can not constitute a assets that he doesn't own." 

"The clergyman cannot constitute Upbrand homes," stated Hasana. 

We have visible no evidence of terrible conduct through the clergyman. However, the conditions of his inclusion and the lead of his companions do bring up alarming troubles. 

The Upbrand affiliation 

GroundUp has seen Upbrand's yearly finances reviews for the yr finished February 2020. They show Upbrand as having belongings, plant and equipment of sincerely over R3 million, consisting of engine motors on the deteriorated worth of R1.3 million. Land and systems, which must comprise the Bryanston property, are recorded at R1.64 million. 

Either the belongings is not on the books of the employer, or the useful resource is miserably underestimated inside the economic reviews. Upbrand paid R5.6 million for the assets. It is unbonded and presently available for R5.Five million. 

A extra noteworthy secret's the location where the coins got here from for the acquisition of the property. Upbrand became enrolled on 22 January 2016 but after 42 days, it sold an extravagance domestic. What the house had to do with a beginning up development agency is not clean. 

The number one tranche of R3 million of the price tag got here from Ironbridge Traveling Agency and Events. At the time that company's sole leader changed into Karabo Sithole. Sithole is the Letwaba siblings' first cousin. 

Somewhere in the variety of 2016 and 2017 one of a kind Letwaba loved ones stuffed in as overseers of Ironbridge, with Phillemon Letwaba's better 1/2, Rebothile Malomane (he is hitched to two girls) staying within the seat as sole leader due to the fact past due 2017. 

The tale does not end there. 

Two months after the deal, the venders took steps to drop the association. Siweya despatched the moving lawyer affirmation of adequate belongings within the name record of a non-advantage association called Lulamisa Community Development, which has gotten a huge wide variety of rands in lottery awards. 

Why an inappropriate non-benefit association's bank stability was pertinent to Upbrand's acquisition of a non-public property is a in addition secret. As could be seen later, Lulamisa has no evident connection to Upbrand, and it is hard to peer what importance its financial institution stability had to the Upbrand buy. 

The mediator 

Malwandla Solly Siweya, the obvious agent within the residence purchase, is a co-leader with Letwaba in some thing like 10 corporations enrolled with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). All are recorded as being currently deregistration next to neglecting to publish every year returns. 

He is also connected to 3 non-advantage corporations that have gotten greater than R93 million in lottery awards. Lulamisa were given R80 million, and as we've got visible, become linked to the Bryanston house buy. 

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He is moreover a preceding head of Lulamisa Enterprise wherein both Letwaba's subsequent spouse, Rebotile Malomane – they had been now not hitched at that point – and Themba Mabundza, who has likewise been linked to 3 Letwaba linked corporations, are each previous chiefs. 

Siweya likewise marked the suggestion to buy the residence for Upbrand, without a conspicuous connection to the company. Siweya claims that he become no longer representing the corporation and had wanted to buy the house himself. 

"As to the purchase of the house, I became no longer addressing Mr. Mbalula and additionally Upbrand or going approximately as their mediator," he said in a messaged answer to nitty gritty inquiries. "I haven't any energy to do as such; I became addressing my personal economic subjects expecting to shop for the property. Be that as it can, I wound up not buying it. I did not pay any cash to them." 

"Concerning your request on my inclusion with Mr. Letwaba I wish to position it beneath no commitment by using any approach, yet to be sure confirm that I shared directorships [with him] on lethargic enrolled groups. It was undertakings [that] in no way eliminated the floor. These enrolled lethargic corporations stay lethargic or potentially beneath deregistration in line with CIPC." 

Timetable: Following the cash 

On 24 February a money proposition to buy the house for R5.6 million, with a 10% save, changed into made, with the clients expressed as April Fikile Mbalula and Nozuko Mbalula "for and sake of an company to be framed". In any case, those subtleties have been crossed out without new purchasers being outstanding. The proposition was advocated by means of "N Mbalula" – which turned into likewise crossed out. Siweya's mark shows up close to Nozuko's crossed out signature. 

On five March every other concept to shop for by using Upbrand Properties was made. 

On five May Siweya sent verification to the shifting legal professional that Lulamisa had R5.3 million in a FNB "Cash to be had for any emergencies" account. 

On eleven May 2016 Ironbridge Traveling and Events paid R3 million to the moving legal professionals. 

Some place inside the center, one extra R2 million changed into paid to the attorneys, as in step with a supply with statistics on the trade. We could not unquestionably verify the wellspring of this installment. 

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Somewhere within the range of 26 and 28 July 2016, one more R300,000 become paid to the moving lawyers, as indicated through spilled Upbrand bank proclamations. It is achievable that this turned into to make up a setback at the change or prices. 

Part of this, R165,000, changed into paid on 28 July, around the identical time that an digital trade of R165,000 confirmed up inside the Upbrand account from "Mshandukani". 

Before the Mshandukani installment become gotten there has been a credit score equilibrium of just R3,289.85 inside the Upbrand account. 

The call "Mshandukani" highlights in numerous installments to Upbrand. Vincent Mashudu Shandukani is the sole head of Mshandukani Holdings and he and Siweya are preceding co-trustees with Themba Mabundza, in more than one commercial enterprise trusts. Mabundza is a sole or co-overseer of some organizations recognized with Phillemon Letwaba. 

Shandukani's status quo, the Mshandukani Foundation, moreover were given a R4 million lottery award in 2019/20, which he says become for "penetrating of boreholes within the Eastern Cape". 

He stated in a composed response to questions: "Mshandukani Foundation has given [a] some boreholes to networks. For this case extra financing was applied for with the aid of the neighborhood region along with Mshandukani Foundation." 

Shandukani affirmed that he knew each Siweya and Mabundza and that they had been co-trustees at the T&M Property Trust but stated they had been no extra "a part of my corporations". 

"They have to be colleagues at the belongings development entrust with me. The consider was opened, [but] the connection failed to paintings. I carried out for them to be taken out within the high court, which changed into effectively conceded in 2018," he stated. 

On the installments by way of "Mshandukani" to Upbrand, Shandukani stated: "They have functioned as a subcontractor on a structure assignment we were [the] precept worker for lease on. In this manner, there had been several installments executed to Upbrand for the work accomplished below us. 

"We paid solicitations because of them. We do not engage by they way they go through cash paid to them. Along those strains, we're no longer aware of the alternate they made." 

Upbrand financial institution articulations display that Mshandukani paid a sum of R4,686,840 to Upbrand

Covid-19 update: 2,273 new cases reported in SA — The Citizen

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