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Rainbow nation accept all Government failed to welcome them official

We need to become one in system for we are already one community

07 October 2021

Though our country is an official rainbow nation we no longer know what to expect from our fellow brothers from another country but we know families are not always perfect . We are more advanced for they are all over the corners of South Africa it doesn’t matter the location where there’s south African communities you will definitely find them well organized and ready to serve you . Knowing that we had always trusted them we can't deny to accepted them for like our fellow citizens in jails we are not all perfect

Though several issues concerning a production of fake products in our local markets has been identified in different regions the government has not implemented any solutions regarding our health insurance plan. We are also well advanced through their services but those without regulation bring out the worst thoughts in us. We are passed unnecessary bad vibes. The government should find a way to freely resolve the issue by providing identifications under constitutional laws between us and those who provide services for our protection and their security also for they are now citizens without a doubt others are married to our sisters making them fathers to young ones in our homes

Without any regulation of stocks delivered to all corners of South African citizens for consumption we might be in danger that is far from the human eye. Who knows what kind of destructive elements where added to produce what we consume daily.But that doesn't finalize everyone's capable. Just as we have many south Africans in jails also they have their own separate demons amongst them

We have made peace and we are not in battle with anyone who comes seeking refuge in our country. The fact that they have no identification we are concerned on what they come to deliver to our communities who are not educated enough to even notice a missing barcode.


TO have an unknown production under society operating freely in our country without any official regulations under the constitution is not fair to those who pay tax .

We are citizens but without security and being the only regulated subject surely this make us the prisoners in our own country

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