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"I Will Vote DA" - Says People On Facebook After Seeing That The DA Is Against Mandatory Vaccines

The president addressed the nation yesterday and his address was mainly based on the vaccination program. It seems like it will be soon made compulsory and there are people who are unhappy about the decision, the DA is also against mandatory vaccines. Some people on media are saying that they will vote for DA, the ANC is full of sell outs. This is what the president said during the address, he spoke about the intensification of our national vaccination campaign, the measures we will be taken to further reopen our economy, the introduction of a vaccination certificate. Our engagement with the UK to restore travel, tourism and trade with them and the intensification of our national vaccination campaign.

We have emerged from the third wave of infections. It was more server than the previous 2 waves and lasted more than 130 days and was about 2 weeks longer than the earlier waves. At the peak we recorded 20 000 new cases each day. In the last 7 days the average was 1800 a day. There are sustained decreases in hospitalizations and deaths in all provinces. We have taken strain in the shadow of this challenge. The most difficult part has been people we have lost to this pandemic and our diminished livelihoods. We mourn those who have died and we all want to resume the activities we have not been able to do for the last 2 years.

We want to attend events freely and without restrictions. These freedoms are within our reach but we will only be get there if we are all vaccinated and we adhere to all protocols. Our program is picking up pace. More than one fifth of adult population is vaccinated. We have confidence and hope. Our target is vaccinating 70% of our adult population by the end of the year. If we reach this target we will save many lives. We need to administer 16 million more doses this year. We know the older you are, the greater the risk of severe illness and hospitalization or death.

The risk of death is higher among the elderly than young people. So we have prioritized those above 50 and 60 years of age. Other ages are at risk. We are seeing young people hospitalised and even dying. From the 20th August we extended the program to anyone over 18 years of age. Yet our program is far too slow. We have decided to upscale with the vaccination weekends campaign from tomorrow - a country wide drive to encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

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