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South Africa is now Worried About India's Deadly Covid-19 Variant, See Why

Date: 04/0521


It was announced on the news on Monday that a man who had travelled from India to South Africa had tested positive for coronavirus. This caused a lot of panic amongst South Africans and the blame game was started by most citizens. What they ask themselves is how did the person come into South Africa with the virus as it is ruled that they will need a covid-19 test while doing international travel from anywhere in the country.

Another question that was brought forward by most citizens is how did the government allow travel from India to South Africa or vice versa? When South Africa was going through the worst of the covid-19 pandemic, the most country s blocked travels from South Africa to keep themselves safe. Now the whole world is very much aware that India is the most affected country of them all but travel is still allowed.

The government has single-handedly out the lives of many South Africans in the danger zone. The man who has been found to have the covid-19 virus has been isolated and contact tracing has started. It is not known yet as to whether or not the person has the Indian variant of covid-19. That will only be known after the DNA samples have been shocked and that will take a week.

At the current moment South Africa is on the lookout and planning ahead of time. They have to be able to know what will happen if this one man has the Indian variant of the virus. The variant of India has been found to be one of the deadliest covid-19 variants yet. It spreads very fast and can kill a large number of people in a short span of time. This is what has happened in India so far.

The country broke the record of most deaths in a single day which is 3000 people. This number has not been registered by any country in the world. This only started when the new variant of the virus made its way to the country. Now there is no way of containing it and it is causing havoc in the country. This one-man that came from India poses a massive threat to all of South Africa as he might have brought in this deadly virus.

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