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No Vaccine, No Entry has Started In South Africa



 Most South African citizens are still amazed at the new regulations passed by the South African government. They issued a full statement saying that some unvaccinated individuals in South Africa may not be allowed to enter stadiums to watch soccer games.

 This is surprising because only sports games are the exception if you do not enter without a vaccine. The president of South Africa announced the transfer to level 1 about a week ago and he has made it clear that outdoor events can involve up to 2000 individuals and he has never mentioned anything about vaccination. Either way only sports games enforce this rule. The first game to be used without a vaccine, without entry could be a playable qualifier in the Bafana Bafana Vs Ethiopia world.


 Those who follow the news about the pandemic around the world and South Africa as a whole can tell you that they have never seen it come. At the start of vaccination in the country, the president of South Africa stood in front of the entire 60 million population and declared that there was no compulsion to vaccinate. Now that they ban people’s movements through vaccination it’s as if they don’t directly force people to get vaccinated.


 Obviously this is just the beginning of no vaccination, no vaccination. No one thinks it will come even slowly and surely it is to be seen that it is in the works all the time. The next thing is that the vaccination passport will soon go into effect and South Africans have no choice but to get vaccinated due to limited access to the areas.

 Many South Africans think it could be private companies forcing people to get vaccinated to find out that the government is doing it without vaccination, without access at all. It proved that it was ahead of every other private company and announced that it was ok to discriminate against unvaccinated South Africans.

 What will you do about it?

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