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South African nurses - men want to fall sick after seeing them, but some say they are rude (OPINION)

Nurses are very important people in any country. They are front line workers who saved many of our beloved ones from dying. At this day and age they are still doing what they know best - saving people's lives and making sure that patients get the best treatment during their admittance to the hospitals because of serious illnesses.

Nurses have become the talk of the town. Most people say they are the rudest professionals. Is it true though?

Nurses do not lack civility. They are also not ill-mannered. The problem is the behaviour of patients. They want to be treated like kings and queens even when their attitude towards nurses is awful. Nurses are human afterall. Just like any other human beings they also have feelings. They have to retaliate when patients are ill-treating them.

Most people are not appreciative. They always have a red pen in their hands to mark other people's wrongs forgetting that they also have their own flaws. The only one who can judge people is God.

Imagine what could have happened if nurses were not there. I know people who were bedridden before, but with the help they have had from nurses they regained their strengths eventually. This proves that nurses know exactly what they are doing. Many of us would have allegedly passed away if they were not there when we needed them the most.

They deserve to be treated with respect. They work long shifts and save lives, but people always bad-mouth them and it is not fair.

The nurses in South Africa are men's favourite. Most of them are gorgeous, one of the reasons why there are males out there who want to be their patients. These nurses are not just pretty faces, they thoroughly do their jobs too.

It is unfortunate that some patients died on their watch.

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