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7 Signs of a failing liver in your body

Your liver is a highly essential organ that helps regulate your glucose levels, remove toxins from your blood, maintain the appropriate balance of your amino acids, and promote normal blood clotting, among many other critical functions.

If your liver is not healthy, it will prevent you from functioning normally. When anything is wrong with your liver, it will make itself known to you in a variety of ways. Medicinenet, a reputable health information website, makes the indicators available to users.

The signs are located below.

1. You are likely to have frequent bouts of extreme fatigue. This may occur because your liver is unable to maintain a healthy balance of glucose in your blood effectively.

2. You could feel a mild discomfort in your abdomen at first, but it might become more severe later.

3. If your liver is not operating correctly, you may find that you bleed easily and a lot, as well as that you bruise easily. It's possible that this is happening because your liver is having trouble carrying out the processes necessary to effectively coagulate the blood.


Jaundice is a disorder that causes yellowing of the skin as well as the eyes and can be caused by certain health conditions.

5. If your liver is unable to make enough albumin, you can observe swelling in your legs.


If the color of your urine is dark, it might be an indication that your liver is not functioning properly.

7. If your liver is not operating properly, this will have an effect on how well your brain functions. Because of this, there is a possibility that confusion or trouble remembering will result.


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