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Vaccinated South Africans left speechless this morning after Mboweni Revealed This.


It's been a year since the coronavirus struck South Africa, causing yet more untimely deaths. This is due to the fact that many South Africans did not regard the outbreak as a national emergency. 

Many lives were lost as a result of people failing to follow the government's safety guidelines, which included maintaining a 1.5-meter social distance and donning face masks. This was the reason why the virus was busy killing innocent South Africans, and not getting vaccinated early was one of the contributing factors. 

People who have been vaccinated are now in startled as former finance minister Tito Mboweni revealed some disturbing information about the covid-19 vaccines. This is due to the fact that many people who have been vaccinated have put pressure on those who have not been vaccinated. 

They've been threatened with death if they don't get vaccinated, and they now feel compelled to do so. This is a dismal time for South Africans, as most people are still perplexed as to why the majority of individuals in the country have not been vaccinated, which is a major issue for Cyril Ramaphosa. This is because his goal has yet to be achieved, and he will not be satisfied until the entire population has been vaccinated. 

Tito Mboweni stated that being vaccinated does not protect you against the coronavirus. This is due to the fact that vaccination doses are only intended to protect patients from serious life-threatening injuries. The former member of Parliament was anticipated to show a great deal of patience and respect, so this was unwelcome news. This is because any previous ANC member is not necessarily required to participate in ANC activities. 

What are your thoughts on this?

and how do you feel about Tito Mboweni's vaccine stance? 

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