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COVID-19 SRD Grant|| update of personal information on the SASSA website by today, 7 July 2022

SASSA has reminded the SRD grant recipients that they should update their personal information on the SASSA website.

In a statement released on their Twitter account, SASSA said clients should

1. Update personal information which was initially incorrectly provided on the SRD website.

2. They could also alter/change their responses to the screening questions asked in their application.

3. Update their screening questions for the assessment of the April, and May 2022 periods

SASSA said those who wish to update the information should do before the end of the day, today 07 July 2022. The information should be updated on the SASSA website,

Some SASSA clients complained that the website is not working and some said they did not have data to log into the SASSA website, now they will miss the opportunity to update their information. Some also wanted to know what was the reason for the updating information. Will this results in people being approved for the said months, that is April and May 2022.

Even though few people commented on the Twitter post, they raised valid questions, which would have been better if SASSA had someone to respond to these questions

Some Twitter comments

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