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A potent drink that will naturally purify your lungs if you are a smoker.

There is no doubt that smoking is one of the worst things a person can do. It's dangerous, and it puts our health in jeopardy. Despite this, some people are simply uninterested in quitting smoking because they enjoy it so much. Almost everyone who smokes has a cough or a runny nose, which can occasionally lead to bronchitis. Smokers have dark lungs due to the tar and other toxic substances they have consumed. A lack of oxygen can cause the lungs to become blocked and cause chest pain.

Smoking increases your chances of developing cancerous cells in your throat, lungs, and mouth. People who are addicted to smoking understand how difficult it is to quit. There isn't much they can do except work on their lungs to get rid of the hacks and breathe more easily. To protect your health from a variety of problems, you must eliminate the poisons and tar in your system. You'll reduce your chances of getting sick and improve your breathing as soon as you get rid of them. This treatment should be done regularly to keep your lungs healthy.

How to cleanse your lungs naturally


  1. 4 Mugs of water
  2. 400 Mililiters of pure honey
  3. 5 Onions (stripped)
  4. A teaspoon or two of tumeric
  5. Small pieces of ginger root that have been shaved off


The first step is to dissolve the honey in the water and then gently bubble it up. After that, chop some onions and add the ground ginger to the bubbling mixture. Finally, add the turmeric and cook it at low heat. Cook until half of the water has evaporated, then strain the mixture. Put the mix in a container and store it in your cooler to keep it fresh.

Use this treatment at least twice a day. Take two teaspoons before breakfast and two teaspoons before dinner.

Source: Medicalnewstoday

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