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There won’t be a shortage of vaccines anytime soon

Johnson and Johnson has just delivered 15 000 vaccines in Gauteng for the informal settlements and remote areas where it would be difficult to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

Informal settlements and remote areas in Gauteng which are far from medical care and facilities will be receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as it is only a single dose. The Pfizer vaccine would be a problem for people living in these areas to receive it as it is a double dose and would mean that these people living in informal settlements and remote areas would find it difficult to go back to far medical facilities to receive the second jab of the Pfizer vaccine.

The Gauteng MEC of Health Nomathemba Mokhethi said that Gauteng has enough Pfizer vaccines that are accessible to everyone who still has not received the vaccine. The government of the Gauteng province says that it is still sticking to its target of getting 5 million vaccinated by December.

The Gauteng province is introducing pop-up vaccine sites in churches and informal settlements. This is to ramp up its vaccine drive to be able to reach the 5 million vaccinated people by December. MEC Nomathemba Mokgethi said that she is confident that they will reach this targe as planned by the government of the province.

So far over 3.3 million people have received either the Johnson and Johnson vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine. This number is growing daily as the government is planning on introducing the vaccine passport, which will be like an entrance pass to certain shops, banks, courtrooms, doctor’s surgeries and to Universities.

These numbers of people that are getting vaccinated are growing daily and this has the government confident that it will surpass the 5 million people vaccinated by December 2021 target that it has set for this country.

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