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Health Benefits Of Exercise(Bonding Time), Let's Health Ourselves Physically And Emotionally

Relationships often get tiring and both or one partner might end up being bored. This is often because of a lack of communication and alone time. When the relationship starts getting boring both parties become stresses, stress leads a woman to over eat and a man to stop caring about his appearance. This can lead to obesity and an unhealthy relationship. When this happens the woman tends to close herself off and spends most of her time with friends. This is because she receives special treatment and compliments from time to time which she does not receive from you. You need to do things together, why not start exercising together. Just start of with a simple walk. Talk to her while you are walking and soon you'll be thinking of the good old days. Now because men have to go to work sometimes, if you motivate her enough she will end up exercising by herself when you're not around. When you're better half is not around just hit the bedroom and release some stress alone. Remember exercise is good for the mind as well as for the body. You will notice that you are happier than you were when you weren't exercising. This is because your body releases hormones, when you are exercising it releases good hormones which improve your mood and overall personality. Your brain will also function better, you will notice improvements in your concentration and thought process. Whenever you're hubby is around on weekends and after work increase the distance of the walk. Turn that walk into a slow jog and after a few months, the love walk will turn into a run. Let's Health Ourselves.

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