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Healers must acknowledge their ancestors with everything

Evil spell

Spell is a human made evil spell using witchcraft to cause disruption and hatred in another person’s life.

In order to identify Isichito one has to have been facing the following in their life: continuous fighting, arguing, bad body odour, disturbing dreams and no direction in life.

The only effectively guaranteed solution is one going to seek a traditional healer or a prophet's help. However, there are some of the natural universal ways to get rid of evil spirits.

they can only work varying on the power of evil spell but they do work(for those who don’t like consulting traditional healers).

These are the ways to get rid of evil spirits.


Water is usually the primary ingredient used to make spells/curses by witches because of its earthly powers.

Thus, the best way is to use the same method to cleanse yourself by going to the sea/waterfall/river and washing yourself of all the dirty spirits put unto you.

Traditional healer legendary cure was to let a person go into the sea, wait for the sun to rise and let the waves hit you until you feel free spirituality. Or rather store the water in bottles and keep them for home use.


Make a potion with non-toxic non-allergenic healing herbs. Drink this before bed. In the morning, make sure you urinate first thing when you wake up. Then shower and wash all your bedding


Take the latest physical pic of you(If you don’t have it, then print out), note down all the bad things done by the spell at the back of the picture with a pen. and throw into the fire until it completely burns.

While the picture is burning utter something closer to “Like this fire burns, so does the person cursing me/my curse”.


Stand in front of a mirror, state the spell/curse put upon you and conclude by sending it back to the sender/reverse it.

5. EGG

Get an egg and roll it over your body. Get as much of your body as you can, especially the palm of your hands, your head, genitals, torso and the soles of your feet.

Then take the egg to a crossroad away from your house and smash it on the ground. Leave in a different direction from which you came.

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