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SA Celebs who had to endure being bullied

It really sad when you see people talk bad about each other. You really ask yourself where is the good in that, does it reward you or does it make you feel good. Today we had to give you the names of our lovely celebs that were bulied and still became stronger as if nothing happened.

Shudufhadzo Musida

This goes to show that you do not have the power to look down on others and declare them as failures.The legendary poem by the name Maya Angelou once said the following strong words that one cannot easily forget. Her words: "Still l will rise,you may shoot me with your words ,you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your fatefulness,but still like air l will rise"

Somizi Mhlongo

Even the strongest people like Somizi were once bulied can you believe it. What l like is that this is going to motivate others to keep on going no matter the words said to them or things that are done to them.

Kuli Roberts

Can you imagine being cyber bulied for the loss of your own weight ,that what had to happen to Roberts and she had to survive all that.


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SA Celebs Shudufhadzo Musida Somizi Mhlongo


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