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Revealed: 7 Uses Of Milk That Might Save Your Day

Milk, it turns out, can be used for things other than cooking. It might become your go-to solution for treating cold sores or cleaning leather furniture and shoes. Alternative milk uses may be just what you need for your body, hair, or even to help you with your everyday activities.

We were not expecting to uncover so many verified alternative milk applications, and we believe you will be interested in knowing about them as well.

1. To relieve a burning eye, use milk.

Pouring milk into your eyes and draining it out may feel unusual at first, but it may help relieve inflammation in your eyes. The two most common items that might irritate your eyes are chili peppers and pepper spray. Both may cause a burning sensation, but cleaning them can increase the discomfort.

Use milk instead. Begin by closing your eyes and washing your face with milk. The milk may then be used to wipe your eyes.

2. Milk can be used as a fertilizer.

There are a few strong reasons why milk was formerly used as fertilizer. To begin with, it increases plant growth. It also helps to prevent calcium deficiencies and powdery mildew. It may aid in the prevention of the plant getting unwell.

Pour milk around the plant's base to enable the roots to absorb it gradually, or put an upside-down milk bottle in the soil. However, keep in mind that milk should not be combined with other fertilizers.

When the chemicals are combined with milk, they might actually counteract the advantages of the milk.

3. Milk can be used to straighten your hair.

Not only will milk help your hair grow, shine, and be stronger, but it will also help you straighten it. All you need is a comb, a spray bottle, and a third of a cup of milk.

When the bottle is empty, begin spraying, rubbing, and combing your hair. Allow your hair to absorb the milk for a few minutes before washing to prevent a bad odor. This will assist you in straightening wavy hair but will not assist you in straightening curly hair.

4. Milk can be used to make paint.

Milk is an important ingredient in the manufacture of paint because it functions as a binder for pigments. Milk paint was, in fact, used in ancient Egypt. Other ingredients for this kind of paint include a lemon, a sieve, cheesecloth, and acrylic paint or dried pigment.

Just make sure you utilize it quickly so it does not spoil. The sour odor will be gone after the walls have dried.

5. To remove makeup, use milk..

Milk is not only good for our hair, but it is also good for our skin. So, instead of using chemical make-up removers, experiment with milk. Apply a tiny quantity of milk on your face and remove it with a cotton ball or washcloth. The proteins and lipids in milk may also help your skin retain moisture, which is a plus.

6. Milk can be used to reduce the inflammation caused by insect bites.

The protein in milk will help soothe the skin after a mosquito bite. However, do not restrict yourself to milk. Wet a cloth with water and place it on the irritated skin. Sunburns may be treated with the same milk mixture.

7. To clean leather, use milk.

Milk may be used to remove stains and scuffs off leather handbags, couches, and shoes. It is amazing since it is not only a low-cost option, but it also does not remove the natural oils in the cloth.

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