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Good News And Bad News To COVID-19 SRD Grant Applicant That Status Says Debtor Here Is What It Means

Bad new if your COVID-19 SRD grant Status Says debtor Here Is What It Means

Social grant payment dates for October 2021

SASSA have now given citizens who are unemployed Child Grant caregiver without an ID to apply the grant. You may apply for the special Covid-19 SRD grant on online. I also don't know how are they going to apply in the system while the system requires 13 ID digits. Unemployed caregivers without an SA ID are now eligible for the R350 SASSA grant. Applicants must use the ‘7777’ they were assigned by SASSA to apply.

SASSA has now given those without ID to apply but they not yet done with people who have long applied for this grant. People are not certified with the answers they are getting after their applications has been declined. September is almost over but people are still pending and some are not paid yet for August.

For those whose status still says debtor SASSA has given the reason for this. But it seems like many people are still not happy. SASSA say if your status is debtor it means that you are owing SASSA money. Apparently there could be an income which you could have received from SASSA that need to be paid by you. It simple means that you have other source of income and SASSA paid you whereas you were not supposed to be paid.

Many people who have been rejected for specifically reason has been asked to appear but it seems like they not quite clear what happened to the appeals? What's happening with the September pending status. SASSA need to intervene. People have been approved for August but still no pay day and those who opt for cash send are still waiting for a feedback if the issue has been resolved.

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