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Bad news for Pfizer Vaccine and also people who got vaccinated with it

Each and everyday people are discovering new things about Covid-19 vaccines and most it is not good things which people are learning about, but also the dominants of bad news.

With many people questioning the trial which Pfizer vaccine had undergo and challenging it, there are new developments on that.

It has been reported that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine does not contain fetal cells, as social media posts have falsely claimed. The erroneous claim distorts the facts of how the vaccine, like many other medications, was tested.

According to some reports, Two new studies confirms that the immunity offered by two doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine drops off after about two months, although protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death holds strong. This is very bad news to those who are already vaccinated with this vaccine.

Allegedly there’s more, The rate of breakthrough infections rose FIVE-FOLD between July and August (and roughly 20-fold from March to August). There is no way that this can be regarded as good news to this vaccine and also people who are already vaccinated.


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