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Simple Way To Stop Smoking (Allegedly Speaking)

Smoking cigarettes is the most prevalent form of addiction in the world. It has been popular since the 1500s when Queen Elizabeth I first tried it for herself.

From there it became a fashion statement - women since the 1920s saw cigarette smoking as the height of elegance and sophistication. Tobacco companies even advertised smoking as part of a healthy lifestyle, saying that smoke could improve the quality of your voice when singing.

High society gentleman would sport their smoking pipes and cigars to show off their wealth and social standing. No gentleman would be caught without his silver or gold cigarette box and lighter.

Since the 1990s, however, we know that cigarettes are extremely dangerous to the lungs and to the environment. We know that it is not fashionable to put your own life and the lives of those around you at risk. We call them "cancer sticks" because we know that inhaling smoke and tar from nicotine will disintegrate your lungs.

Given this knowledge, many smokers still struggle with quitting cold turkey because they lack willpower and control. Cigarettes are available at every corner and come very cheaply - this makes it difficult to distance yourself from the habit.

Nicotine patches also offer very little help as they keep the smoker addicted to the chemical and only stop the habit of inhaling cigarette smoke. E-cigarettes seem like a good idea because they imitate the real thing but this only makes the smoker more aware of their craving for cigarettes.

Now there's a new method going around and it is completely unexpected! It is meant to make smokers completely disgusted with cigarettes and never go back to the nasty habit again. This method is cheap and does not require a doctor's visit.

All you need is a few cigarettes and a mug of water!

First, you need to tear open the cigarettes, you'll need two or three, and spill the contents into the mug. Pour hot water over the tobacco in the mug and let it stand for a few minutes just like a cup of tea. You will need to drink the mixture while it is still warm or you can let it steep overnight.

This mixture tastes horrible and repulsive, so before you drink it you need to sift out the tobacco to control your gag reflex. When you drink it, take it in big gulps and try not to focus on the taste.

Those who have tried it say it is so disgusting that whenever you think of a cigarette you will immediately remember that strong taste in your mouth and throat and never turn back!

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