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UNEXPECTED// Two cabinet ministers were tested positive

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Two Fully Vaccinated South Africa cabinet ministers are test with Covid-19 complications and are currently in quarantine. It was reported that Minister Lindiwe Zulu first tested positive for Covid-19 before the minister of Home Affairs, Motsoaledi tested positive and he went into quarantine after testing receiving the results. This had come after the government spoke on a manda Vaccination. Some people on internet were making fun of the government for trying to making a compulsory vaccination when their fully vaccinated ministers are the ones testing positive by the virus. People were asking the need of the vaccine when they are not sure of the vaccine's effectiveness. However, some people were trying to caution to get vaccinated, saying that the vaccine increases the chances of one's life.

Some individuals were also making jokes of the minister of health after he told people that fully vaccinated people only get minor symptoms.

Looking at her experience, minister Zulu, "It all started with a scratchy throat and I didn’t suspect anything, but when it persisted, I took the COVID-19 test yesterday (Sunday) and received the results this morning,” Zulu was quoted as saying in a statement by the government. The vaccine for the omicron coronavirus variant is not yet out, this is why people will have to live with extra care to protect themselves and their families from the contagious viral disease. A Twitter user who is following the stories' step by step wrote, "A fully vaccinated Minister contracts Covid-19. Speedy recovery Minister". The government is finding it very difficult to convince people to vaccinate, and this incident were fully vaccinated ministers are getting infected will further add to the conspiracy theories already making waves in the country.

Another Twitter user said," that the vaccine is good at helping people survive and to fight against the disease. He wrote,"That is because vaccines are not there to stop you from getting sick or even dying for that matter, but they are there to reduce your chances of falling seriously ill and death. You are an educated person who should understand this, but you choose to believe your version"


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