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A new deadly and contagious virus has been detected in Africa and it is not Covid-19

While the world has been busy dealing with Covid-19, another deadly virus has been detected in Africa

The World Health Organisation has released a statement highlighting a very highly contagious virus known as Marburg disease. 

It was first discovered in Guinea and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Marburg is very much like Covid-19 as it is easily spread through bodily fluids.

Healthcare officials in Guinea discovered the virus which is said to have spread from bats to humans. 

What's even more scarry is that it has an 88% mortality rate. 

The virus was discovered after some samples were collected from a patient who died on August 2 in the southern Gueckedou region.

It has been likened to Ebola which has wrecked havoc over Central Africa in recent years. 

The virus causes haemorrhagic fever and is also highly infectious. It is transmitted through bodily fluids or through touching contaminated surfaces and/or materials.

The number of viruses that are being spread from animals to humans is becoming a cause for concern.

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