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RIP | After this lady took the Covid-19 vaccines, See what happened to her body

Many countries have produced vaccines against the virus to limit its spread, which are only offered to humans after considerable testing. Despite this, a wide range of vaccination reactions have been documented in a large number of persons. Some patients get a fever, blood clots, and other serious symptoms as a result of the rash after receiving the vaccine.

Meanwhile, things have gotten worse since obtaining a vaccine from a young Londoner. Kours Kourtney continues to have difficulty walking. Kourtney, in fact, began to have leg pain shortly after receiving the immunization. The veins in his legs began to appear incredibly deep as a result of this. When Kourtney went to the doctor, she learned that her leg's veins had collapsed. He had to spend four weeks in the hospital. Kourtney has now resorted to Facebook to alert others about the situation.

Kourtney wanted to spread awareness about the dangers of TB. She used Facebook to inform others about her sickness. He also warned that if he did not get to the hospital as quickly as possible, the implications may be fatal. Perhaps he would have had his feet removed. His skin's veins were protruding from the inside. Her entire leg had become blue. Her arm and back were both hurting in the same way. The damaged arteries cause bleeding in these places as well.

Kourtney warned about TB' hazards. The message has already received almost 2300 responses. Many others in the comments section agreed. For the past two months, Kourtney has been battling depression, according to her. He spent a month in the hospital. He is gradually learning to walk as a result of this. Many such cases have been reported as a result of covid vaccination, and many individuals have also experienced other side effects. Despite this, physicians believe the vaccination is not to be feared. Vaccination affects every human body differently, and it is now the only means to earn the championship.


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