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Bad News to Limpopo Residents Who Don’t want to Vaccinate As They Won’t be Permitted to do This


It seems as if the MEC for health in Limpopo is doing anything possible to enforce vaccinations on people. There are so many people who are still in denial about vaccines. They claim that they will never be vaccinated due to conspiracy theories about vaccines that they believe in. However, it seems as if the MEC for health is also not giving up on pushing people to vaccinate.


The government continues to indirectly force people to vaccinate. A few months ago, MEC of health in Limpopo, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, was making waves on social media after saying that those who are not yet vaccinated will no longer be permitted to buy alcohol as they are putting other people's lives at risk. This caused a huge stir across the province and some were even threatening to strike if she carried on implementing that rule.



Yesterday she announced a new rule that is unfavourable to those who don’t want to be vaccinated. She said that those who are not vaccinated will no longer be allowed in public hospitals because they are putting nurses and doctors' lives at risk, as well as everyone else. This was reported by the Limpopo Mirror after having an interview with her.



After this was shared on social media, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with how she always tries to be a dictator. Some even went on to say they still don’t believe COVID-19 really exists. See people’s comments below:



As hospital bills are paid by tax payers' money, the government will be dictating if they deny people access to health care, just as they are paying for taxis. If you can’t get public service, then they should also cut you off from paying tax. It's time Limpopo citizens take a stand for their rights. Dr Phophi Ramathuba has been trying to dictate to people for a long time. She is always trying to impress her superiors by abusing citizens. It’s time Limpopo citizens take a stand for their rights. What are your thoughts on this? Is it fair for one to be denied public health care services because they are not vaccinated? Leave your comments below.


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Limpopo MEC Phophi Ramathuba


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