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Find out below how some sangomas use ukuthwala to heal people (opinion)

You will be wandering how can a person takes only 1week to become a sangoma, every one knows that everyone before becoming a sangoma

He must go to do the training (ukuthwasa) that takes time, so when you're doing ukuthwala you won't do ukuthwasa

But you do ukuthwala, it is believed that some sangomas are using ukuthwala to heal people

According to research a well known sangoma Mr mavuka from Soweto, it is really happening some sangomas do go to do ukuthwala

They use ukuthwala to heal people, the are people that are doing ukuthwala for ubunyanga or ubufundisi

For example if a person is having idlozi Mar he doesn't want to go through training (ukuthwasa)

Because some are saying ukuthwasa takes time, a person will give a sangoma money, and say he wants to be a sangoma without going through ukuthwasa

A sangoma will give you ukuthwala, a sangoma will perform every that is done by a real sangoma

A sangoma that has done ukuthwala doesn't know medicine(muthi), he doesn't know what is ithongo and how is it works

He is only given instructions by ukuthwala , use that thing to heal and ukuhlola

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