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Document Obtained From CDC Reveals We May Take Covid-19 Vaccine Up To The 12th Dose

A card that is trending on online shows that humans may have to take up to 12 or even 19 doses of Coronavirus vaccine before one could be certified free. The card shows a calibration of 1 to 19 Covid-19 doses of the vaccine. People are arguing that a point will come when humans will be told to be taking a dose monthly. A hilarious conversation between a doctor and a colleague is also trending. The doctor stated that with the introduction of mandatory vaccination, people will continue to take the vaccine up to 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th doses until people are used to it, and it becomes part of their lives and by then, they will not have to object or see it as anything again. A Twitter user wrote after seeing the conversation, "the last statement “there is no longer any reason to criticize the idea of the twelfth dose”…. one dose per month I guess”.

People who have not been vaccinated are being blamed for the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. Many people say that they find it odd that a person who is not vaccinated is the reason the vaccinated person who is certified as fully vaccinated could still get Coronavirus and die. Some people are even threatening to drag president Cyril Ramaphosa to court if the government forces people to be vaccinated or compel them to take the vaccine against their wishes. There are people on Twitter who revealed that they will not be taking the Covid-19 Vaccine again after Botswana government officials said that the omicron Covid-19 Variant was found mainly among the fully vaccinated people. Many South Africans are now attacking South Africa Government of trying to hide such sensitive information by blaming the ineffectiveness of the vaccine on ordinary people who are not vaccinated and are not sick. A lady said she got Covid-19 three times and survived the three times without vaccine. She disclosed that her natural immunity helped her against the virus, and she is now hale and healthy. She further disclosed that there is absolutely no need to coerce or force people to take the vaccine. Furthermore, she argued that forcing people to take the vaccine will further generate different conspiracy theories, advising that it should be voluntary something. 

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