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Here are some of the reasons why you hear voices at night

Hearing voices or noises that do not exist, also known as auditory hallucinations, can be scary and confusing, especially at night. they happen in your head and not everyone will hear the same voices.

While it's a symptom of certain mental illnesses, other more common reasons that could cause someone to hear voices are medical conditions like narcolepsy, infection, lack of sleep, recent grief, and fever. This article discusses hearing and sleep hallucinations in, children and adults, the types of voices people hear, why these hallucinations occur, and how the conditions that cause them can be treated at Night

Verywell / Jessica Olah What are acoustic hallucinations? Auditory hallucinations involve hearing sounds that have no physical origin.This can mean hearing a voice speaking to you, and it can be positive, negative, or neutral.

While some people hear voices directing them to do something, this is not the experience for everyone. With auditory hallucinations, distorted noises can also occur. The sounds can be anything from footsteps to music to knocking. The brain is partially in a dream state and in and of itself there is nothing to worry about. Usually dream hallucinations are visual, but they can also be auditory.

When you hear one or more voices, they will usually say something short. Also, like the name you may see strange things or misinterpret the things you see.These experiences are generally stopped as soon as it is completely awake.Diseases that can cause hallucinations include chest and urinary tract infections

. supportive and helpful voices that say your name when no one is around voices that stick on your head all the time. Other people's thoughtsVoices directing you to try dangerous things or controlling your behavior Voices directing you to do inappropriate things Two or more voices arguing or fighting inside your head Why do I hear voices?

There are many reasons you can hear voices. As a symptom of some mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, acoustic hallucinations are more common. Being very hungry or not having eaten much recently can cause auditory hallucinations.Bullying or Bullying:

Hearing the voice of someone who has abused or molested you, is cruel or threatening, commands you to harm yourself, or do things that you know are wrong can happen after those experiences . Experience can be associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorders.

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