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Here Are 6 Medical Conditions That Can Be Worsened By The Intake Of Ginger

Ginger's 7 Side Effects You Should Know | The Times of India

Ginger is a common Ayurvedic herb that can aid with a range of diseases, as well as a tasty element. It's recognized for its magical properties, which include everything from flavoring food to draining toxins out of the body. You might be surprised to learn, however, that this amazing chemical can also have unfavorable effects. While excessive consumption of ginger is the most common source of negative effects, it can also exacerbate health problems on its own.

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Here are 6 medical conditions that can be aggravated by ginger consumption.

Heart problems.

According to heart doctors, anyone taking blood pressure drugs should avoid ginger. A large intake of ginger is known to worsen cardiac problems and induce irregular heartbeats.


When ingested in high quantities, ginger can cause diarrhea. Do you want to know why? According to specialists, it speeds up the transit of food and stool through the intestines and generates unrest, which can lead to restlessness and weakness.


According to gynecologists, ginger consumption above the recommended daily limit of 1500 mg may raise the chance of miscarriage. To be safe, don't eat too much ginger while pregnant, or do so only after checking with a doctor.


The anti-platelet effects of ginger are well-known. Consuming too much ginger in this situation could result in bleeding. Eating it with cloves or garlic has also been found to raise the risk of excessive bleeding.

It makes you bloated and gassy.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, ginger can cause gas and bloating. In certain persons, ginger has been demonstrated to have an effect on the upper digestive system, causing gas and bloating.

Mouth inflammation is a common ailment.

Certain foods might trigger allergic responses when ingested. This disorder is also known as Oral Allergy Syndrome. Your mouth will begin to itch if you ingest too much ginger, according to specialists. This discomfort leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Allergies are characterized by tingling and swelling in the mouth.


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