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“The only way to stop the vaccine certificate is not voting for ANC”. EFF member said on Twitter

EFF lady went as far as to tell people to stop voting for ANC so that they can be free when it comes to vaccines.

She said that in order for you to stop this thing of vaccines certificate is to vote for EFF however no one should be forced to vote for any party, a person should vote for what he or she likes,

Since the elections are next month, different parties have been going up and down, where they are even making promises that they wont accomplish, That is what politics are for, they always want our votes by promising us things that they, are going to do while they don’t even do anything about it.

since it was EFF which matched for vaccines so that they can be fast, and things should go back to normal, now they are saying that not everyone should be forced to get the vaccines while they are the ones who wanted the government to speed things up, they are saying they were not matching for vaccines but for lockdowns and vaccines from chinese which is not true.

They are saying that they are against forced vaccines and bill gate’s vaccines of which there is something which was discovered today relating to the stopping of corona virus which can be used instead of vaccines

“Researchers has developed a micro needle vaccines patch that not only helps those who provide with needle Phobias, but also provide protection that that one pf traditional vaccines shot”@DiKGoba posted.

The EFF members however are always against everything that the ANC says although sometimes they see that they are confusing the members as well as all those who want to support the eff by voting for them, but they care less because if they want to make a point they will,

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