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“I will Never Vaccinate Until they say I won’t have a Job”- Black Tweeter President Vowed Publicly


Conspiracy theories continue to confuse and influence people’s choices about whether to vaccinate or not. Many people have vowed not to vaccinate after all the things that people say on social media about vaccines. Even though the government keeps on influencing people to vaccinate, there’s still so many people who don’t want to vaccinate, claiming that the vaccine has side effects and has killed some people. According to the government’s report, there is no one who has died because of a vaccine.

The department of health has confirmed that side effects like headaches and weakness are normal and it is possible for some people to have even more side effects because people’s bodies react differently to various vaccines. The government is also calling out for all people who are suffering from side effects to avail themselves so that they can be compensated.

Following all the conspiracy theories about vaccines, The black tweeter President who is known as CrisExcel, made a public vow that she will never get vaccinated until the situation escalates to a point where she will no longer be allowed to get employed without proof of vaccination.

She said this in response to a tweet made by News24/7 announcing that only vaccinated people will be allowed to enter the stadium to watch Bafana Bafana’s World Cup qualifier against Ethiopia next Tuesday. See how people reacted to her vow:


The government is trying all it can to make people take the vaccine, but it seems like all the effort is going to waste because many people are still in denial.



Another thing that makes people have second thoughts about vaccines is how the government is indirectly trying to force people to vaccinate. At first, Ramaphosa said no one would be forced to vaccinate, but he has introduced a vaccine passport to show that there will be restrictions on doing certain things if you are not vaccinated. This is all an indirect force.

What are your thoughts on the vaccine? Do you think the government has a hidden agenda or people are just exaggerating? Leave your comments below.

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