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Good News: All The Non-vaccinated South Africans Should Take Note Of This Important Information


Employees who refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccine have every right to do so, and their employers have no right to take disciplinary action if they refuse.

According to no less than four driving experts, coercion or forcing a representative to take antibodies is illegal and clearly violates her fundamental freedoms, including disclosing her important right to integrity and security.

The Goliath Cosatu Workers Association issued a stern warning to management, stating that “According to the explanation, any representative who refuses to take anti-HIV antibodies should not be pardoned. We strongly advise all smart business owners not to cheat on employees who refuse to get vaccinated.

All South Africans have the right to accept or refuse vaccination on clinical or documented grounds. “Cosatu is a union of workers. Furthermore, clinical experts concluded that there is insufficient evidence to show that immunization is required "at this time" and that vaccination is required. It has been stipulated correctly. Their concerns were resolved in discussion and the Basic Education Ministry (DBE) took action this week to declare functional prerequisites and deficiencies for educators who refuse to be vaccinated under the Labor Relations Act (LRA). Said the Washington Post.

The contents of the investigation of the Ministry of Basic Education are as follows: "After considering the reasons why teachers are not vaccinated, including clinical, strict, established, social and product-related reasons, (DBE) reserves any authority needed to administer In terms of functional prerequisites, the methods considered by LRA are insufficient, or both. "

Many teachers who oppose vaccination expressed concern about the potentially fatal effects of antibodies and drew attention to the documented evidence that people die after vaccination. The DBE threat casts doubt on the statement President Cyril Ramaphosa made when he first visited the country. In the statement, he stated that although the immunization work of public authorities has been raised to a new level, no one is obliged to vaccinate.

It has only been 7 days since President Ramaphosa's public approval, which led to an abnormal revocation of the DBE. Although public authorities have stated that they will not force anyone to get vaccinated, Dr. Raynauld Russon, director of the Institute for Business and Management at Witz University, believes that public authorities will use various strategies to encourage people to get vaccinated. Vaccination, including peer pressure. “In terms of effectiveness, peer pressure has been proven to be the most effective measure for a long time. The strangest situation I have encountered is that a family member is prohibited from visiting the family member's home. The guardian lives because she has not received the flu vaccine.

In my opinion, I think this information is one of the best news for the unvaccinated, as they can voluntarily accept or refuse to receive the jab. The government has also done good by respecting human rights and not trying to force people to take it.

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