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REVEALED: J&J Vaccine Myths Debunked, It Does Not Cause Death

With a slew of bogus news reports about the vaccine circulating, it's critical to set the record straight. A new study has found that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can protect people from dying or being hospitalized as a result of Covid-19.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccination can now protect anyone infected with Covid-19 who has been vaccinated from being hospitalized or, worse, dying, according to the Sisonke program study.

The study indicated that the J&J vaccination is also effective against the Beta and Delta versions, according to Professor Glenda Gray, CEO of the Medical Research Council and co-lead investigator.

We'd like to have a look at the infections we acquire - and there will be some. We want to know if the breakthrough infections were mild, moderate, or severe.

The study looked at the vaccination's efficiency 28 days after it was given, with Gray explaining that they chose this time because their coworkers were becoming apprehensive and scared that the vaccine might not be protecting them.

Gray, on the other hand, could come to the conclusion that "This was the most important endpoint for us. We can argue that this vaccine saved the lives of health care workers "She goes on to say that the vaccine is more effective against the Delta form.

The J&J vaccine provided 65 percent to 66 percent protection against hospitalization and 91 percent to 95 percent protection against death, according to the statistics.

Breakthrough infections, which occur when someone becomes infected with Covid-19 after taking the vaccination, were found to be moderate 96 percent of the time and severe or fatal in less than 0.05 percent of cases.

Gray describes the reports of negative effects we're seeing:

"The side effects we're seeing are totally consistent with what we're seeing around the world. We've seen a few rare adverse events that have been reported on a global scale... once millions of people have been [vaccinated]. The J&J vaccine's safety is still being assessed."

With over 470 000 healthcare workers participating across 120 sites around the country, the Sisonke programme research began on February 17, 2021 and ended on May 17, 2021.

The study's primary goal was to determine how effective the vaccine is against Covid-19.

Gray said the first two analyses were gathered from medical insurance and provincial PERSAL databases, and while the results of one still pending.

The study will go for two years in order to evaluate how long the vaccination will last and how successful it will be.

According to test data, the vaccine is exhibiting "excellent durability," indicating that there is no need for a booster shot at this time.

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