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[Warning] Never Try To Do This Close To A Gas Cooker To Avoid Explosion And Fire Breakout

The introduction of the gas cooker has made it possible for us to quickly and conveniently prepare a meal at any time of day or night.

Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that, despite the significance and uniqueness of this machine, it can be extremely lethal and turn into a weapon of mass devastation in our homes only if we are not properly trained in how to operate it.

There is something I'm going to discuss with you that you should keep in mind so that you don't put yourself and your home in risk.

As we all know, nothing burns more intensely than natural gas. The gas stored within the gas cylinder is a highly concentrated dry gas that is extremely sensitive to waves and reacts swiftly when it comes into contact with an opposing force that has the opposite charge to it.

Warning: Never attempt to make or answer a phone call when you are less than two feet from from an or your gas Cooker. Maintaining a safe distance between your cell phone and your gas Cooker is really important!

Do not leave any metal objects near your gas Cooker, as this could be hazardous to their safety.

Never worry if you return home to discover that the gas in your cylinder has narrowly escaped and has flooded every area of your house with the stifling scent of gas that has escaped.

It is recommended that you put your mobile phone into flight mode at this time in order to prevent unwanted calls from coming in to your phone.

Remove the gas from the room by carefully opening all of the windows and, if feasible, the door to allow it to mingle with normal air from the surrounding environment and gradually neutralize until it is completely dispersed.

Please take note of this because many homes have been destroyed because people were not aware of this.

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