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But, what about HIV / AIDS?

According to, the total South African Population has increased with 168 088 new citizens to date and was recorded on the 1st July 2021 as 60 041 994, then recorded on the 22nd September 2021 being a total population of 60 210 082.

According to the stats updated on the 13th September 2021 on, only 17 493 443 (29.05% of the South-African population) were tested for Covid 19.

Of those who were tested, only a total number of 2 892 081 (16.53%) were tested positive for Covid.

At a Covid 19 total recovery rate of 95.2%, the now healthy citizens stands at 2 753 443 from the 2 892 081 identified having Covid 19, and only 138,638 active cases remains.

Of the total of 2 892 081 Covid+ cases, a total of 86 655 Covid related deaths were recorded, that represents 0.02% Covid related death rate.

What Government fails to mention is, how many of those infected and / or died of Covid 19, was actually HIV+ , or had full-blown AIDS.

According to Wikipedia, a survey reports a prevalence rate of 18.7% of the total South-African population being HIV+, that brings you a conservative number of 11,259,285 of the total population HIV / AIDS infected people, who becomes a statistic for 25% of South-Africa's annual deaths, or 72 000 deaths per year.

Are they actually saying that we won the battle against the formidable HIV virus, and that its not worthy to mention how Covid 19 affects those living with HIV?

Could it be possible that most of the Covid+ cases, if not all, was HIV / AIDS related, and that the 0.02% Covid related deaths could be attributed to the those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

Could it be that Covid 19 recovery rate is actually much higher than what we are being told, and might it be possible that more people died during this scamdemic from the common Flue, than of Covid 19?

If one reads the Covid 19 statistics, Covid 19 has the same punch as the common Flue virus, and no cause for panic.

Think about it logically. HIV is a virus that causes an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), therefore an HIV infected person is at higher risk contracting disease and never recover from it, than a person living an average healthy lifestyle.

I personally do not believe that Covid 19 exists, and I believe the 'virus' was an invention by government to be used as a tool in order to control its citizens by using fear, just like fear of HIV were used as population control to tell people to slowdown and with minimum resistance from our promiscuous and rebellious youth.

My advice to you is to go out there and do your own research. Empower yourself with Knowledge and use common sense.

Don't allow the 16 781 838 (27.8% of the population who received untested vaccines) minority of pro-vaxers, who fails to demonstrate any human intelligence, to intimidate you as one of the majority 43,428,244 sane people to submit into mandatory vaccinations.

Ask yourselves why only 29.05% of the South African population were tested for Covid, while the 71.95% majority did not go for testing?

Ask yourselves why only 16 781 838 people were vaccinated, while the majority 43,428,244 did not?

The message I get from these figures, is that the majority does not subscribe to government's bovine excrement, and does not trust, or submit to their policies. If the majority doesn't support government, why should you?

Government must admit that they failed. Step down, and admit that you lied to the people who voted for you to SERVE our country. Step down, so we may put someone in your office who can do your job! Step down, so we can get back to our normal lives!

Content created and supplied by: Drino (via Opera News )

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