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Garlic is good for you for a variety of reasons.

Do you want to eat more garlic? 

 Many people love garlic. Not only can it be added to almost all meals, but it is also good for your health! Read on to learn why eating garlic is so beneficial to you. 

 1. Healthy teeth 

 Studies have shown that garlic is a good substitute for treating gum inflammation. In addition, garlic has natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. This applies to all the tiny creatures living in your mouth that may affect your health. 

 2. Feeling of fitness 

 Do you work hard to improve your health? Try adding more garlic to your diet. Studies have shown that certain garlic oil can relieve heart stress while you exercise. 

 Besides, you might be wondering, this was also known in ancient times. The ancient Greeks prescribed garlic for (primitive) Olympic athletes and people engaged in heavy physical labor. This will only make hard work easier. 

 3. Anti-aging properties 

 There seems to be ample evidence that garlic can counteract "oxidative stress" and thus: the aging process itself. Wait what? In short, we grow old because our body converts food and oxygen into energy. However, sometimes our body is a little too enthusiastic about this process and destroys other cells in the process. In return, our skin will become loose and our brain will also slow down. These are the consequences of "oxidative stress". 

 In these cases, garlic can be a beneficial supplement to your diet. This scented herb causes your body to increase the production of substances in the blood, thereby counteracting the excessive oxidation of cells in the body. These substances are often referred to as antioxidants. In this way, garlic helps slow down the physical signs of aging!

4. Garlic makes you more attractive 

 This may go against your intuition, but it is true. Of course, we all know the effect of garlic on breath. But did you know that vegetables can also affect your body odor? Research in 2016 showed that garlic's effect on body odor is mainly positive. Participants in the odor test described the smell of garlic-eating people as "less strong" and "more attractive." This may be due to the antibacterial properties of garlic. Garlic reduces the bacteria that cause sweat in the body. Please note: if you eat garlic the day before your date, it will work best. Of course, we recommend not to eat garlic before. 


 5. Fresh garlic is good for the immune system 

 Our grandmothers and even their grandmothers (and grandmothers at the time) knew that garlic is good for our health. For centuries, this plant has been known for its resistance to bacteria, viruses and fungi. However, in order to ultimately boost the immune system, you need to eat garlic raw. When garlic is chopped or mashed, allicin is released. This substance has many health benefits, but heating garlic will cause you to lose most of the allicin. 

 6. Garlic cures high blood pressure 

 So far we all know the dangers of high blood pressure. Here, we are also getting more and more understanding of the role of cholesterol. This is why you have recently heard many products claiming to lower cholesterol levels. Garlic is also one of these products. A number of studies have shown that eating garlic every day has a long-term effect on lowering cholesterol levels. If you suffer from cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol levels, you should of course always seek expert advice.


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