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OPINION| We will just hold on with our masks, and not panic over the new covid variant

Surely no need to panic the Lord is on control over everything it is well, let's put fear aside because our God is bigger than any sickness, great power of God versus the lesser power of the devil, the devil must bow and surrender. Hence we not vaccinated it's clear that we never panicked and we not going to start panicking any time soon, watch us lol. We will just hold on with our mask,we not panicking at all

Africa is capable of producing its own cure, why can't they approve African excellence. Why force Africans to vaccinate with abroad vaccine, what's the catch? The outside countries are panicking for this Omnicron variant but here in Mzansi we going about our lives as normal. We are done with the media and their nonsense panicked reporting, just rest. Yeah because the hype of this variant didn't go as planned now did it? It was suppose to be the problem from the unvaccinated because the so-called experts don't have answers for how did it get to other countries if only the vaxxed can fly internationally? Now all of a sudden we are told not to panic who said we are the chronological stupidity in this whole hoax pandemic is insane

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