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OPINION| NO Longer AN Undercover FAT Kid



I want to share something very personal with you in hopes that it inspires you! When I was a kid, I was 90kg at 11. Even though I lost the weight in my teens, I never did the work to break free from the undercover fat kid in my mind. As a result, I've always had an up and down relationship with being overweight (but not anymore)...

I will never forget coming home from a long December break in 2017 and I stood on the scale. The number my eyes saw as I looked down shocked me. I was 103kg.

For most of 2017, I tried to go to gym and control my eating but it was a hectic year. Then I went away for six weeks in November and December, and literally ate and drank everything (dead or alive). The end result was an additional 10kg added to an already heavy frame.

I felt horrible. My stomach constantly felt got in the way, I was uncomfortable, and even worse, my underwear used to roll over because of my stomach. I HATED THAT!!!

The first picture I've attached is what I looked the day I decided enough was enough. It was sometime in Jan 2018 was 103kg.

The second picture is one I took this morning. I am 92kg as I write this. But it's more than just 11kg difference. I'm the strongest I've ever been and close to the fittest I've ever been. More importantly, I've become the type of person that doesn't miss training.

I am two months away from turning 37 and I am feeling on top of the world. There is something that happens to your self-esteem when you realise that you are dependable, and you can rely on yourself to do the difficult things (like training) even when you don't want to do them.

I certainly don't think I've arrived, and I've still got lots of work to do. This isn't some 12-week program that I've embarked on. I will train like this for the rest of my life because I have discovered the kinds of movements that are sustainable for me to do them everyday. I don't try compete with other people, and I just focus on enjoying the daily grind of training, instead of focusing on the desired outcome.

I am learning that there is a cost to everything in life. You pay now, or you pay later. I'm happy to pay the price of discomfort some mornings when I don't feel like training instead of the more expensive cost that comes with knowing I missed training just because I was lazy.

Of course, on top of all of this is diet which is actually way more important than training. But as I've learned, my daily training is the one habit that pulls everything together for me. When I train, I eat well, and then I sleep well. But diet is even more of a discipline to master and I've continually said that if people can control what they put in their mouths, they can control every other aspect of their lives.

One last point. One of my biggest reasons to be the best version of myself is because I'm 36 but I don't have kids, but I still really want to have kids. This means I won't be a young dad in numerical years, but by looking after myself physically, I can delay the onset of ageing and be a functionally fit dad when the time is right. This thought drives me everyday. My point is, find a reason that drives you to be better.

I've covered a lot of ground in this post but it's all from the heart. I hope it touches sides for you, and spurns you into action if you're struggling a little. And if you're also an undercover fat kid, then just know you're not alone, but with enough effort, you can banish that little fat bugger forever in your head!

PS. The smirk in the second pic was accidental. But I guess, I wear my heart on my sleeve and that look says what I feel


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