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Removing bad luck:Isicitho as they call it in Zulu


Cleanser your spirit & Cleanse your body.

•What remedies can i use at home to steam without using muthi?

Salt & Water

Imphepho & Water

Isiwasho & Water 

Madubula + Salt + Spirit + Dettol & Water

Holy Ash & Water

Steam ladies and gentlemen. This is not something you do once and then you are clean. You should atleast be steaming everyday for 2 weeks to see some changes in your life and skin especially if you have isicitho or general rash.

•Best times to steam? 🤔

3am , 5am , 6 am ,6pm and midnight

•How long do you stay under the blanket?

It depends on you. I steam for 30minutes at my best without peeping out for air but do not kill yourself with steam. If it gets hot breathe for a few seconds.

•Do i speak while steaming?

If you are instructed to with a prescribed swasho then you should but otherwise just steam with no words.

You can speak into the salt before you pour in your water and chase bad spirits away and ask the salt to cleanse you. You sometimes do this to isiwasho so you can do it with salt.

•Which salt to use?


•Which isiwasho can i use?

You can buy a wide variety of iziwasho from muthi shop, health shop and even get some from a healer you went to consult with who might give you something to steam with after consultation. 

Iziwasho vary from good luck, chase evil, isicitho/idliso, love, money attracting, job etc.

•What to do with water after steaming? .

Please don't rinse with the water. You can spit and throw it away.

(Don't ever swallow your spit whilst you steaming, spit it out in the bucket or basin)

(You can steam if you have asthma, just don't overdo)

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