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Opinion| I Registered for vaccine but i won't go, I want them to feel the pain of empty promises

Our government is always full of empty promises, this time I want them to taste their own medicine.

I have registered for the vaccine but I won't even go there, I also registered to vote, and surely I won't even go and vote, this time around I want them to taste their own medicine. Jobs have been promised since 1994 even now there are no changes in our lives, only certain friends of them are benefiting.

If this Coronavirus of them is as dangerous as it is, then I could have been dead by now. This pandemic ever since it was announced in our country I have been running on the street selling peanuts and water to many people. Surely I was once affected and healed without knowing because in many cases I sell my products at the taxi rank where many different people meet for transport to various places.

Since our government promised us water and roads in our community, even now we are still collecting water from rivers and our roads are bad. What's the use of taking expensive medicine to my body while my life is cheap, mean we drink water with animals, anytime we can get sick and die. As for me, I won't even bother myself taking something that I don't understand into my body.

Unless if they have to come and drug me then put it to my body, but as long as I can still see myself then they better forget I'm not gonna take it. We have been living with many diseases in our world and we survived, why now this one we must be forced to put some kind of chemicals in our body that we don't even know what are they made of.

God is the only answer to all of our problems, if we kneel, ask forgiveness to him for our sins, he will hear us and heal our world. May God protect those who fear and respect him. AMEN

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