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People Are Still Questioning Neli's Death, This Information Might Be The Answer To Your Questions

There have been questions surrounding the death of Nellie Tamil people are saying that it’s really hard to believe that such a young beautiful vibrant girl to take her own life.

Depression is real and people really have to start acknowledging it now is it is becoming more exposed to people. Many people are in denial that there is something called depression and it leads most people to take their own lives. She is not the first and won’t be the last if such people well not b acknowledged and helped.

We must not be judgemental when it comes to such incidents as we do not know what goes on in one’s mind. Those people would be battling with their own brain and you do not know what it feels like not to be in control of your own mind. People are quick to judge but slow to listen and understand other people's situations.

Please Share For More Awareness.

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Nellie Tamil


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