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The use of petroleum jelly on teeth is believed to prevent tooth discolouration. Here is how

Although everyone wishes they had pearly whites like famous actors and actresses, oral care, particularly when it comes to tooth stains, is a difficult task. Special precautions must be taken for everything from cavity prevention to tooth discoloration prevention.

Tooth discoloration is something that comes with both age and the frequency of consuming certain foods — beverages, like coffee, as well as tobacco, per Healthline. The first advise commonly provided to persons wanting to get rid of stained teeth is to cut back on their consumption of coffee, sweets, red wine, and tobacco.

However, giving up coffee and sweets is easier said than done, and many tooth whitening treatments are prohibitively expensive. Regardless, there are several items that should never be used to wash your teeth. Most people would prefer focus on preventing tooth discolouration rather than splurging on teeth whitening strips, kits, and a professional teeth whitening session at the dentist's office.

The discoloration produced by food after eating is a major cause of tooth staining. Drinking water after each meal and then drinking some more is a vital step in preventing tooth discolouration. Drinking water after meals will help to flush out some of the food particles that may have remained in your mouth.

Several people swear by petroleum jelly Vaseline when it comes to home cures for preventing teeth discoloration. According to Prevention, dentists also use Vaseline to prevent tooth discolouration. Vaseline acts as a glossy barrier between your teeth and the common stains that cause teeth staining, such as red wine and coffee.

According to Cosmopolitan, Vaseline may also be used to prevent lipstick from staining your teeth, giving you a gleaming grin. Vaseline can help prevent tooth discolouration, but its primary role is to prevent food from coloring your teeth. It can't, however, take the place of basic oral care and regular dental visits.

Brushing twice a day and flossing on a regular basis is the greatest approach to maintain good dental health — forgetting to brush your teeth may be quite harmful. A excellent teeth-whitening toothpaste will help keep your teeth white while also removing stains and plaque as they appear. You can also eat a diet rich in foods like yogurt, cheese, and veggies, which can help to strengthen your teeth's enamel.


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