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I Cured a couple of HIV/Aids through prayer

South Africa's former Chief Justice and staunch Christian, Mogoeng Mogoeng, has made the bold claim that he cured a couple of HIV/Aids through prayer. 

He was speaking in Mthatha on 22 November during a religious tour themed Healing The Nation of Africa from Cape to Cairo. The national address, as it was called, was streamed live on social media from Riverside School Hall. During the two-hour sermon, Mogoeng told the crowd that he healed the couple when he was still a young believer. 

"When I was a young Christian, my employee and his wife were struck with HIV/Aids and their child died. They became thin. I said let me pray for this. 'In the name of Jesus the spirit of HIV/Aids leave'," recalled Mogoeng.

Mogoeng said he had forgotten about that day until one day he saw the couple again looking "fat". "I asked 'Why are you so fat?'," Mogoeng told the crowd before claiming that the couple told him that they had been healed of the virus after he prayed for them.

Mogoeng told the crowd: "I said, 'Are you perhaps taking tablets?' and they said 'no'." This sparked a thunderous round of applause from those in attendance. Mogoeng claimed that he had also healed the couple's relative who had been rendered prone, unable to lift herself as her body was covered in sores.

Mogoeng said the woman came to him sometime later, thanking him for healing her. He said that to his amazement, the woman was looking "plump" after her family had thought she was dying.

Describing his reaction to the woman's testimony, Mogoeng said: "I was frightened because I did not always believe that God can give his children so much power." He added that if only believers could exercise the power they had, the world would be a different place. 

This ignited more cheers from the crowd. 

Quoting from the Bible, he said: "Remember we are given the authority. Luke 10:19, Matthew 28 verses 18 to 20. 'We have the power; we are the royal priesthood. Jesus Christ gave us the same power that he used to cast out demons." 

Mogoeng added: "Mark 15 verse 16, we have the power. Don't doubt, don't allow the spirit of darkness to make you believe you are weak. You are not weak."

Walter Sisulu University Head of Department for Public Health in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Francis Hyera said he could not back up the theory that prayer cured HIV/Aids as there was a lack of evidence supporting this claim.  

Hyera said Mogoeng was incorrect in proclaiming that the couple was cured based on their weight gain. He added that Mogoeng needed to provide scientific evidence to back up his claims.

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