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'Alcohol Should be banned in South Africa' A Guy Posted this but Mzansi is Not happy

Date: 22/06/28


'Alcohol Should be banned in South Africa' A Guy Posted this But Mzansi Is Not Happy, Check their comments

Alcohol is the second thing youth love in this world and they can do anything just to go to drink on weekends.

They don't care what others tell them about alcohol, they just love to drink a lot and there are only small percentage of youth who don't drink at all. Even if their parents tell them to stop drinking they won't stop or even if they see people dying at Clubs they don't really care about that. All they want to see them selfs drinking.

A guy posted in Twitter and said Alcohol should be banned in South Africa. Lots of people where not happy with what he posted. They commented and some said that will never happen they will rather ban food instead of alcohol. Here are some of their comments.


They will never ban alcohol and lots of people will never stop drinking. There is nothing South Africa can do to stop people from drinking or dying in Tarvens or Clubs. People should just learn to take care of themselves.

What do you think about this?

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