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Andile Mnxgitama|| Public Servant Should Be Forced To Go To Public Hospitals

The health-care system in our country is slowly but steadily failing, and the administration does not appear to be overly concerned about this development. As far as we know, they have their own private doctors, so they do not have to stand in huge lines, just to be told that there is no panado and that they must go out and purchase one from a pharmacy. In their everyday lives, ordinary South Africans are required to carry out these responsibilities. 

The truth is that politicians may give the impression that they understand what people are going through when they visit hospitals and clinics, but the reality is that they have no grasp of what is actually happening. It is not the same as going through the same emotions and picturing things. The only way that the quality of service in this country will improve is if all of the politicians are required to visit the same hospitals that the general public does. It's only for a short period of time that they can come to terms with the fact that they aren't doing much to help the people of this country. 

The Black First Land First leader, Andile Mngxitama, believes this to be true. Sankara Oath is put into effect. The only means for all public representatives and high government officials to access public services is through this channel only. Ramaphosa will be forced to seek treatment in a public hospital like as Bara as a result of this, and perhaps things will begin to change in our country. 

This is something that, however, will never happen in the United States. These people will not live if they are admitted to hospitals, especially public hospitals, thus they would rather go to court to ensure that this type of Oath is not enforced in this country. Even though Ramaphisa can attempt to put it into effect, they will resist him every step of the way. The opposition to traveling to private hospitals will come from other political groups that are also benefiting from these privileges. The type of politicians we have will prevent this from occurring.

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Andile Mnxgitama|| Black First Land First South Africans


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