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Health Benefits Of Bananas

A staple in every household fruit bowel or tennis players sports bag is the humble banana. Bananas are healthy for you, quick and easy to eat, and versatile in breakfast or snacks. Health benefits of eating banana a day cannot go unnoticed. Your immune system improves, and you reduce the risk of disease and indigestion problems. Plus bananas will fill you up and give you more energy than before.

Here Are Health Benefits Of Eating Bananas.

Lots Of Potassium

Eating just 1-2 bananas a day can maintain proper heart function , offsetting the effect sodium and salt have in raising your blood pressure.

Creates Energy

Bananas have a natural balance of sugars and soluble fiber. This concept gives a slow but stable energy release to the body, which is why athletes often eat bananas before working out.

Aids Digestion

Fiber improves the flow of food through the digestive tract and promotes healthy bowel movements.

Increases Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps maintain correct blood sugar levels.

Prevent Heart Burn and Stomach Alcers

Balancing your stomachs pH levels is essential in combating heartburn.

Fights Cancer

Bananas can increase the white blood cell count which can fight help fight cancer.

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